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Trade cooporation

Establish cooperation

Before you start cooperation with our company you are obligated to send us basic business documents:

- dcertificate of registration of a business
- document granting TAX NUMBER.

Our company cooperates only with companies from the automotive and clothing buisness. Belonging to this group of companies must be clear from the above documents. In extreme cases, the company applying for a charter partner may not have a record in the founding documents of conducting activities related to the automotive industry. In this case, it is necessary to provide references of other contracting parties (purchase invoices) or other means to prove conduct such activities. Failure to obtain or disapproved these documents prevents any wholesale purchase prices and access to distribution.

After the registration of the companies in our database, it is possible to start the initial cooperation. A company has access to current prices, may use any promotion, however, the only possible way of payment is a bank transfer to the account of the company (orders paid in advance)


Cooperation with other companies

Business Partners are given priority. We try to provide them with adequate assistance substantive prefer as clients for the purchase of goods sought.
The main criterion to accept the assessment of the cooperation with the customer, is the timely repayment of its obligations. Overdue obligations will absolutely result in consequences.


Place orders by trading partners

Order on our trading partners, for products that are offered on our website, we accept through our website or emails.

Questions regarding cooperation with our company please contact us at with a note [CO].